Wednesday, February 9

In My Address Line

I found this neat little fun thing on Sweet Memes What you do is type in every letter of the alphabet in the URL address line of your browser and whatever comes up, you put on here? Somehow, I thought this was really neat.

A =
B = Blog Explosion Member Surf
D =
E = Enri A Ottawa's Blog
F = My Other Blog Faerie @ Journalspace
G = Gmail
H = Heartlight Quotes
I = One Of My Art Sites - Icedangel @ Deviantart
J = Journalspace
K = A Blog I Believe In Japanese
L = Hehe Lil-Faye @ Blogspot
M = Morgan McLintic On PR
N = Google News
O = Orkut
P = Absolute Write Water Cooler
Q = n/a
R = Ivan Blog
S = Systran Language Translator
T = The Sims 2 Official Site
U = n/a
V = n/a
W = n/a
X = n/a
Y = n/a
Z = n/a

n/a == no sites listed under those letters

As you can see I wander around the "interweb" (as my lovely tech support fiance loves to call it) a lot. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh! you've got one of those cost of war counters on your site, (one of my pet-peeves) But on second though I shouldn't make negative comments about your blog when you're being so kind as to answer my Final Draft questions huh? So never mind I said that! :) My questions are pretty simple... Is there a way to copy and paste from FD7 to a simple Word document and keep the Spacing and Fonts the same? Also, is 'Courier' the basic font to use for a script?! It seems hard to read! Everything I've written has been in Times New... and I don't want to use Times if a publisher is going to throw it in the trash. Know what I mean? PS... I tried the ABC in my browser... 'L' came up with you instead of me! My computer thinks quite highly of your site :) LM

7:33 AM  

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