Monday, February 7

Interesting Weekend

I'm so ecstatic for so many people as it stands of today. My best friend Kate had gotten into grad school in England for anthropology. My cousin Denise will be graduating college soon and she already has a job lined up with NFL Films, which is just incredible. Congrats hun :) My other cousin, Dominic is expecting a new addition to his family next month!!!!! Yep I went to Jen's baby shower Saturday and it was just so much fun. The shower itself was set up so nicely. Jen made out like a bandit! Seriously, the hall where the shower was had a stage so that's where all the presents went and that's also where she opened the presents up. The whole stage was just filled with presents. I'm glad she had a wonderful turn-out and a huge amount of gifts. She deserves em. She's seriously one of the sweetest people I've ever met and I'm so glad she married my cousin Dominic and she's a part of the family. Denise is going to be an aunt and she's been gleaming. We're all very excited.

In all this, I had caught a bit of the baby bug. Nothing to worry about. I'm smart enough to know that I have to wait until Dan and I tie the knot and until I'm completely out of college. I'm estimating 5 or 6 years before the baby bug really bites me in the ass. But for fun, I was thinking of cute things that I would want to do and how I would set the nursery up for when I do become pregnant. Some ideas consist of making the nursery theme around Peter Rabbit. Hunt down those first pressings of the book Peter Rabbit. I have a baby name already if it's a girl. It's a name that's not new, been in my head forever. Just like how girls always dream about how they want their weddings to be... etc... Just that type of thing. That's all this is for me. So like I said, no worries. Also, it's always smart to plan. I figure if it's something as major as getting married or having a baby or even accepting certain career opportunities the main key to all of those abrupt life changes is planning. So I've been working on a timeline and this book I'm coming out with is only the beginning of it all.

I'm afraid that when my family (some of them already know) and my friends (not my close friends, they know me better) find out that this book is getting done that, that's it. I'm now labeled a writer and that's literally it. In some people's cases, yeah that's true. Definately not in mine though. I am planning on attending college this fall and double major in Fine Arts with a strong focus in photography still, plus majoring in Film Studies for directing & screenwriting (which for the past 5 years i've been completely into film and photography way too much to not be able to major in both). I'm planning on minoring in creative writing. All my electives are going to be writing classes, then if I want to I can go back for another year or two after my two degrees, take a couple more courses in writing and get a degree in English as well. I plan to do nothing but two things while in college, which are of course focus on my classes and work on either a screenplay or depending on my contract, a second book. My life will be gone as I know it. I hope Daniel is just as busy though. I'll have a full class schedual of either 16 or 17 credits, plus I'll be back in Honor Society. Daniel understands that I have to make up for lost time and he also knows I'm not just doing this for me but I'm proving everyone wrong who has doubted me along the way. Which, to me, is a big deal. Like my mother and my manuscript, she hates it. To her, it's unrealistic. Okay we'll see what you're saying six months from now when I have Daniel's cousin Tabby (who's a lawyer) look over my contract.

I was sick for so many years... To be exact almost 11 years. That's 11 years of my life I will never be able to make-up and because of my tract record, of course no one thinks I'm going to achieve anything. Sure it's understandable. But now, being almost 95% better with just a few minor setbacks every now and then I can accomplish more then I have ever been able to in the past. There are also some people, a small handful who do think that I can do this and the list includes but is not limited to, Daniel, who's my fiance, he believes me but he knows as well as I do these things take time... and my father who sits there and encourages me and shares my dreams (then my mother yells at him for it). There are other people that know my problems and have accepted them and want to see me do something, anything, but are afraid to lay pressure on me so they ask about it and that's that. Which is fine too! Atleast they show interest and they don't say anything negative, but at the same time aren't... like I guess their neutral, they're just happy I'm doing something.

Anyways, ending the rant. I'm happy. I'm extremely ecstatic about all of this. Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well :)


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Hi, Nice blog! Thanks for dropping by my site. Feel free to come back anytime! I have a question for you. It looks like you're into film and scriptwriting... have you ever used the program Final Draft 7? I'm trying to find someone who has used this to answer a few of my questions. Oh well... Like I said, feel free to come by Lyddy The Morning Guy anytime. B-Bye! - LM

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