Friday, February 11

Kamikazee Girls

I was watching a movie earlier, I believe it's titled "Husbands and Wives". Woody Allen, Julliette Lewis... There's this part where Woody Allen is talking about these so-called Kamikazee Girls. They're woman who are spontaneous, and free-spirited. Basically though they always end up spiraling into this mess. So they're very unstable right? Then he was talking about how he was attracted to this certain type of woman. Alright so. I guess I would be classified as a Kamikazee Girl, due to my bi-polar depression and I do make a lot more trouble for myself and end up in a huge mess. Which, someone else usually has to clean up for me.

So to get this straight, from Woody Allen's character in that movie, there are guys that are attracted to such things. Hrmmm...

Then should I feel so bad for putting Daniel through the shit that I have?? Even though, none of it was on purpose, it's all due to the disease.

Something I'm going to have to ponder about.


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