Friday, February 11

Poetry Sneak-Peak

I don't usually do this, mainly because I don't trust internet copyright laws. Since this manuscript is copyrighted by other means than the internet I guess it's alright. This is one of the poems in my manuscript that is currently being shopped to agents. Comments truly appreciated.

Caustic spasms throughout the night
Radiate like stolen lights
Taken from the earthly misery
Shaking the sky above
Your breath becomes clear in this heat
Uncommon to the lonely nights
Laying with you here is a faint memory
That time will slowly forget
Healing uses a lot of pain
To shake the emotions clear out of thought
You're now on another page
That's trailing into space
To clean this horrible mess
I must invoke my deepest friends
To carry me through this darkness
That lurks on to be forever
As I struggle to close the book once again

© Toni Lynn Iachetta


Blogger Mysti said...

I like the overall feeling of this. The first 4 lines are strong, and I do like the closure. I am no true poetry connoisseur but I may have a couple suggestions if you like via email. I do admire how you make certain to copyright your work otherwise first b4 posting. That's wise.


11:40 PM  

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