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A to Z First Things In My Life

I also had gotten this from Sweet Memes. I have a lot of time to kill for the moment so I have time for another one of these.

My first apartment was at PSU Wilkes-Barre Campus. I hated it. Well I loved the freedom, a whole place to call my own bit. I had two roommates though. One was great, she was a real sweetheart. The other one... Well she was a severe drug addict. It was horrible, and I quote "The reason why I'm majoring in pharmaceutical management is so I can get free pharmies and use them how I like" Then she went and sniffed a cocktail of crushed up pharmies... I'm completely against illegal substances, so you see, it didn't go over well with me at all.

Best Friend
My first best friend was either my cousin Nicole or my parent's friend's daughter Heather. I hung out with both of them a lot and we were all in the same age group. It's a tight call.

It was a 1990 Dodge Daytona, red, great condition, hatchback, all the detailing. Beautiful. I called it The Red Monster. Bought it for 2,000$ USD. Then after about 10 months or so, the trans and the engine went at the same time. Donated it to the Diabetes Foundation. They take cars, fix them up like new, auction them and the proceeds go right back to the foundation.


Uhmm, my first "official date" let's see... I was 15 and it was Valentine's Day. He was like 3 years older than me. The relationship actually lasted a good 8 months or so. Then I found out he cheated on me a few times.

Hrmm. I don't remember... oh wait, yes I do. I was in 1st or 2nd grade. The kid's name was Jeremy. He sang this song about me everyday for the next couple of years. Song was based on my name. "The Toni Baloney Blues"

I was 6 or so I think. It was my grandmother on my father's side of the family's funeral. She suffered from Alzheimers for years as I remember correctly. I love her though. She was a real big animal lover. I do miss her.

I honestly cannot remember.

Look under "Date"

It was the summer after my junior year in high school. A bunch of us went to Europe. It was an accidental intoxication to be honest. We were in Paris at the Moulin Rouge. Well they come around and refill your champgne glasses, but they kept refilling and refilling them. I had lost count because I was paying too much attention to the show and well I was out for the count. That night, I ended up stealing a street sign, dancing in the middle of the street with parisian strangers, fell out of a taxi cab, and had to be escorted, more like carried to my hotel room.

I was a cashier at a local grocery store. Worked there for a year, was paid minimum wage the whole time. When Target came-a-knocking with a $1.75 raise I told the grocery store to shove it.

I was in 6th grade. Kenny was his name and gay he became. Later down the road in high school he came out of the closet. He was still my first pre-adolescent boyfriend though.

Again, see Date and Heartbreak.


It was either Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, or The Neverending Story. I remember The Neverending Story being my favourite though.

Lullabelle (made by my mom, no fucking clue why, but it's still used to this day) or Monko (made by my father). Apparently I was a little monkey. :)

Overnight Sleepover
I was always "the home-sick kid" growing up. I stayed at my grandparents a lot, both sides of the family. Also I guess when I was in elementary school, my parents had a sleepover for my birthday so a bunch of friends came over. I guess that's my first one.

Benji. He was a beagle. We lived in this apartment in Parsippany and we had this beagle that couldn't control his bladder or uhm his poop. It wasn't that he wasn't housebroken. It was just that he was old and literally needed the equivalent of Depends for doggies. We had to sell him when we moved into the other apartment. I was real young.

Queer Experience
Well, I was young. I found out I liked girls as much as I like guys though in high school.

Road Trip
I have family in Virginia. When I was younger we always would drive down there to Virginia Beach. I guess that was my first road trip.

Speeding Ticket
I was 17 I believe. It was Christmas Eve. I was doing 81 in a 55. A state policeman pulled me over and he could've legally arrested me for reckless driving and impounded my car. Since it was Christmas Eve, I had only gotten a nasty speeding ticket and 5 points on my liscence (6 points is the max in PA before they revoke it). I paid a good chunk of money for that.

I was 16. See Date, Heartbreak, and Love...

Unchaperoned Concert
Wow. Think think think. Bad Religion. :) Yeah that was fun. I was all the way in the front against the barriers. Came out of that concert and had to see a doctor the next day. Diagnosis was a few broken ribs, and extreme bruising on my left breast. Why, you may ask? Well there was this rather large older lady standing right behind me and she couldn't handle the move and sway of the crowd so she almost fell and on her way down she reached over my shoulder and grabbed my breast and wouldn't let go! A friend I was with turned around and punched her in the face, then she let go. It was fun.

Visit To Another Country
Again, summer after my junior year of high school. We went to London, Bath, Paris, Rome and Ostia. 2 weeks worth. Real fun, I'm dying to go back over to Europe again.

Westward Migration
Well didn't move too much west. Went from NJ to PA when I was 12. My parents desicion obviously.

I was getting x-rays all the time when I was a dancer. Knee, back, ankles, pretty much anything from the waist down and my back and neck. First of all of them were my ankles though. Just ended up spraining em pretty badly, never broke anything.

Yoni Tree
*blinks* say what now?

Zombie Movie
My first zombie movie was Night of the Living Dead. YEAH!

Alright, I think I'm done! :)


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