Monday, February 21

Top 25: Medical Stories

I found this to be quite interesting. The title link goes to the online version of what I watched on CNN early yesturday morning.

One of the Top 25 Medical Stories is Anthrax, which is to be expected, but did you know that they're making home safety kits in case of an Anthrax epidemic? This is the new thing. Apparently they're making Anthrax Vaccine Patches and soon everyone will be able to keep them in their households. If there is an outbreak of Anthrax, people are advised to just take these patches and put it on their bodies. Instant Vaccine! I found it to be quite interesting. I'm not sure if it's too much paranoia or if there will actually be a day we'll need it. I mean, after all the tradegy of the WTC was unthinkable until it happened.


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